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Loose Threads and I'm Off

We had our Loose Threads meeting tonight and we played with the color wheel.  Adena, the teacher among us, made little cards to label our blocks.  The blocks above are mine.  When I had them up on the wall, everybody asked me if they were trains.  I said no, it was a design I picked up from a scrapbook page.  However, looking at them all together they do look like a train.  Adena took then and will make a train quilt out of them.  Love that they will be put to use.  I would just have them in the pile of the other blocks from the other projects. 

Here are the rest of the girls blocks. 

Deolinda and Sara actually made complete tops/quilts with their blocks already.  (Deo's on the left, Sara's on the right.)

Adena (original GREAT design), Grace (boomerange blocks)  and Anna's (own circle design) blocks.  (Oh yes, those are wine bottles in each of the shots.  We do imbibe a bit at our meetings.)

And the best news, we leave tomorrow for the balmy, Bahamas for my step-daughters wedding.  So excited.  Was busy today at work getting stuff done and now after the meeting, I did a little more packing.  I feel very comfortable with our house/dog sitter - I left her enough instructions --I hope I haven't gone overboard.  But,  each dog has their own quirks and with one mostly blind, another partially blind and another very hyper dog, they each need special attention.  Good thing she like dogs. 

So no work to show for a while.  I will miss reading everyones blogs though.  I will have a lot of catching up to do when I get home.