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Another finished project

but I can't show a picture because it's the guild's mystery quilt and the rest of the group won't be done until next June.  I spent way too much time quilting it but I like what I did.  That's 3 quilts that I've finished in the last 2 months that I can't show because of challenges and mysteries.  I also finished the project for my Loose Threads friendship group - it's the fiber art group and we're going thru Fearless Design.  We did the color project this month.

However I didn't show last months project for Loose Threads - it was Exercise 4 - Identifying the Value in Color.    These are my blocks.

These are Barbara Sawyers blocks.

Sara Kelly's blocks

Anna Koelewyn's blocks

Adena Joseph's Blocks

Grace Hoya's blocks

We're having fun - but can't wait to start making projects that I will want to do something with.
Going to Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara this Saturday with 4 other girls from my friendship group.   Tuesday we're off to the Bahama's for Kelly's wedding.  Getting really excited now.

Time for bed.  Good night.