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Two new finishes

These are two of my latest finished projects.  Well, they still need names and labels.  I will take suggestions on names.  A blogger I read suggested you go through magazines like Good Housekeeping and look for names that way.  That's my next step.  
I got the top done to my step-daughters Christmas rag quilt - I just need to make all the snips.  This past weekend was her bridal shower.  It was a beautiful luncheon at her aunts house in Livermore.  They did a great job with wonderful food and Kelly was just beaming.  
That's Kelly and my mother-in-law on the right and her fiance's grandma on the left.  It was a little warm, but luckily there was plenty of shade. 
While in Livermore I asked my sister-in-law Marcy if we could stop at a quilt store there.  So we did.  I got a 5" pack of Christmas material and some yardage to go with it and also some good scissors to help cut through her rag quilt and a pattern she liked for my nieces next quilt.
The rest of the weekend was spent with my family (dad, brother, sis-in-law, nephew and niece)  My mom is in Holland with my older sister so we made a good dinner for my dad on Sunday.  On Sunday afternoon my SIL and niece and I went miniature golfing.  Here's my sweet niece playing.

This is what I got when I tried to take pictures of my junior high-aged nephew.
He never used to be this camera shy.  I hate that they grow up and won't let their auntie kiss all over them.
Well, it's late and I have a few more blogs I want to check out.  Until the next finished project....


  1. I love your Fresh Squeezed quilt. I made one too and will be teaching a class at the shop. Wasn't it fun making that quilt! I love your fabrics. And it looks like you made the full quilt. I got tired and made mine much smaller.

  2. The orange and yellow quilt looks so bright and cheery. I thought of a Merry Go-Round. Did you feel merry or dizzy with all those points?

  3. I love your new quilts!! They are so pretty and your choice of colors are very delightful!

  4. I love the first one. How do you approach the labeling the quilt?


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