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ATC and Mystery

This months guild ATC theme is music - anything that has to do with music - favorite song, favorite artist, album, instrument, etc.  I love music - I have a very eclectic taste in music and it's all in my ipod.  I have over 2,400 songs on my ipod right now.  I listen to it all day at work (via a speaker - not with the ear buds) and I even drive with it on, usually listening to a book on tape.  So instead of picking a favorite song or artist, I made my ATC's to look like my ipod.  I even did the back of the card to look like my ipod. 

This year I'm in charge of the Mystery Quilt for the guild so this weekend I worked on the quilt to make sure I had all the clues right.  Good thing I did because in Clue 6 I found a cutting error (which was Clue 1).  Whew.  I love the fabrics I chose.  They are all from designers samples from last seasons fabrics - this one is Park Slope by Free Spirit - one line but I got a few different color ways - 40 different fabrics.  I kept the background consistent with a Kona white.  It will be crisp and springy.  I love it.  I just hope everyone else will like it as much as I do.  This picture is from Clue 2. 
Guild meeting on Thursday and we have Joe Cunningham as our speaker.  I hear he's great and am really looking forward to it. 


sew4real said…
You are sooooo clever! I can't wait to see your ipod atc!!!
SewCalGal said…
Cute ATC theme.

Jen Martakis said…
Barbara, those ATC's have got to be the coolest I've ever seen. Awesome.
April Pantall said…
Thanks for the support! I love the ipod idea - too cute :)
Bunny said…
I pod idea is great. Have fun at your Guild meeting ours is Thursday evening too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment.