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10 Days of Quilting

And things got made!

I finished quilting and binding my Good Fortune quilt.
This is my friend Janice Minyard's quilt next to mine.  Color makes the difference in the quilt.  Hard to tell they are the same.

This is Jamestown Landing.  I took this class months ago in Bakersfield.  Got the back done too.  Now to pin and quilt.

Sorry picture is sideways - I  am doing the Shabby Fabrics Trick or Treat BOM.  Pressed these down and zig zagged the edges.

This little baby quilt is made from some strips that I over cut for a clue on Good Fortune and the leftover 4 patches we had.

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Started this.  I need to make 460 3" 9 patches to make 70 something 9" 9-patches with them.  And of course the setting triangles.  This will take a while.

The first 2 block clues for my guild's Mystery Quilt. 
I didn't leave the house much, but I did get out to see the elephant seals.  They were all there with their babies.
And we ate.  My friend Deo came for the last weekend and made a beautiful charcuterie array.
I hope we'll be able to do this again next year.  We might be selling the house so it may not be possible.  But if it's still ours, I will definitely do this again.

Thanks for looking.


  1. It was a fun and productive (!!) time. Thanks for sharing your vacation spot with friends. Friends and quilting . . . . it's a great combination!


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