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National Jelly Roll Day

A quick post - a few friends and I got together at our beach house in Cambria this past weekend to celebrate National Jelly Roll Day.  We started the day with a cinnamon roll breakfast casserole.  For lunch we had tortilla roll ups, we had an actual vanilla jelly roll with raspberry jam and for dinner we had lasagna roll ups.  It was a 'roll' kind of day!

I didn't take pictures of any of the food, but I did take pictures of the jelly roll rugs 4 of the 7 of us made. 
 Here are the the balls in the making. 
And here are the rugs.  Mine is the first one which I did with Christmas fabric. 

As always, we girls had a good time retreating at the beach house.  The house could actually be anywhere because we never leave.  What we do enjoy is the cooler weather.  It's still in the 90's at home so the cool weather was a pleasure.  Plus time spent with friends is always a good thing. 

Before I left I did finish a couple more things for the guild's boutique.

A Christmas tree skirt from a panel.
I then proceeded to make a year full of pillow bands (a velcro piece that you put around the same pillow). 

Here they are - all stacked together. 
 It was more work than I anticipated.  I was able to embroider two of each of the designs so I can have a set for myself and one to sell at the boutique.  I didn't finish all of them for me.   I can take my time making mine.  But they are all layers and the binding is all done. 

Some fun little wide mouth zippered bags.

This one is not for the boutique - it was for my friend who loves to read.
Here are a couple more sets of placemats.  The top one was from panel pieces and the snowmen were from a pattern that I pulled from Quilt Magazine.  (Sorry the date wasn't on a page that I saved.) 

On a sad note, my mother-in-law passed away earlier this week.  She was 89 and was suffering from Alzheimers.  She passed away quietly with my father-in-law by her side.  They would have been married for 68 years on the 22nd.  This will be a tough time for him since he was her caregiver for the past few years.  She was an artist - she painted, she crafted and she enjoyed seeing everything that I made.  I loved sharing crafting with her.  She will be missed.

That's all for now.  Thanks for looking. 


  1. Your pillow bands are a wonderful idea.i have the rug pattern,hope to make it soon.

  2. Sorry for the loss of your Mother in Law. Love the boutique items. Great job!

  3. I wonder how you make a "jelly roll rug"? That sounds interesting, and the rugs look like a nice size.

  4. Wonderful projects . . . wonderful time in Cambria! I love my pillow!!


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