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Two more finishes and I got a new car!

I finally finished another 2017 goal quilt and then a quickie little baby quilt.

I embroidered these blocks sometime in 2016.  Didn't know what I was going to do with them and finally figured it out.  I didn't quilt a lot on this quilt since it will just be a wall hanging.   Plus I didn't want to quilt in the embroidered parts and thought it would look weird to have it heavily quilting all around and the blocks not quilted.

I can't remember the name of the designer of the machine embroidery.  It's all on my old laptop which I'm too lazy to get and turn on and wait for it to load, etc.

I also finished this little quilt.  It was from one of Fat Quarter's Shops sampler boxes.

I used the little 3.5" blocks they supplied and everything else was from my stash.  Even the back.

And the best news of all was that I bought a new car.  Well, the bank still owns it - I will be making payments.  But my little Nissan was not as dependable as I need for my commute to and from work (I drive over 80 miles a day).  Plus I didn't trust it to take me more than that in one sitting.  So after much research and pondering and wondering where I would get the money, I decided to buy a Subaru Forester.

This has enough cargo space for all my sewing stuff for retreats and stuff.  So excited.

Thanks for looking.


  1. The Halloween quilt turned out so cute. The bats are a great touch.
    Congrats on the new car. Now you can take more stuff to retreats.

  2. Love your quilts. And love your car, can't wait to ride in it!


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