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A few more finishes.

Mostly stuff for our guilds boutique.  But I did get the triangle quilt done too.

And here are a few more items for the boutique.

Does not show upside down in my file - just here.
Anyway, I also finished an apron and a Finding Dory baby quilt.  I will try to get pictures but forgot to take before I packed them away.   I also made 55 To/From tags using yo-yo's and buttons.  I need to take pictures of that too.

Anyway - busy week and the boutique is this next Saturday.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for looking.


Best wishes for a successful boutique! Great items.

Lovely triangle quilt. I love how you used the same fabric to border it as it makes the quilt looks like it's missing some triangles and we can see through. Very clever. I hate when my files flip the pictures without my consent. I don't understand why it does so but I have discovered that if I flip the picture in the file, it will post right side up. Doesn't always work but works often enough (well, for me anyway.) Thanks for sharing. ;^)my