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A Productive Labor Day Weekend at the Coast

A few friends and I spent the weekend in our little house in Cambria.  I had pre-cut a bunch of stuff to work on and I think that helped me get so much done.  Almost everything I made is for our guild's boutique in October.  (Let me know if you are interested in attending - I'll get you the info.)

Still needs to be quilted.  Left overs from Mr. Chillingsworth quilt below.

An applique of some sort will be on the big white row and still needs to be quilts as does the one below this.

Next time (if ever) I make this quilt I will borrow a ruffler.  That was a bitch to make.  

I need to make a few more of these.  I've already been asked to make one for my sister and family friend.

Needs to be quilted.

Need to make a pillow insert since it's an odd size.
Mr. Chillingswoth - needs to be quilted.

May be used for family gifts.  

Infinity scarves all warm and cuddly.
This little pumpkin potholder will be given to my friend Debbie.  A few years ago we had a block exchange with my friendship group Material Girls.  Sheila backed out after a few of us started and I got the blocks and made a little something for Debbie with her block.

And I made this little dress for my granddaughter.  Since two people were at my house that have made a lot of clothes before I knew I had to make this while they were there.

I also finished some binding on 3 table runners for the boutique.

 I also finished this a while ago.  Don't remember if I posted it.  Not sure if I'm going to donate to boutique or keep for myself.

Like I said a very productive weekend.  Now I just have to get busy and start machine quilting.

Thanks for looking.


  1. WOW!! Productive weekend is an understatement.
    I love Halloween, so the last little quilt is too cute. You need to keep that one. The dress is adorable, but a little small for you. You'll have to give that one away.
    I'm glad I could join you for the day.

  2. Such great items! You are the best! It's going to be a great boutique again this year!

  3. Happy Halloween, already! Lots of fun work, as always.

  4. Ditto what Janice said about productive weekend. wow!
    I got my postcard for the boutique, now to mark it on my calendar and get myself there. Goals are good!


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