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What's been happening..

Wish I could report that I've completed a lot of quilts but that would be lying.  I have been busy, actually designing stuff and getting quilt tops pinned.  I don't normally show things in process but I might need to start.

First I finally finished this top (after I got the right ruler it all came together beautifully).
I used the design wall at the local quilt store since I don't have one at home.  The great thing about that is you get a lot of opinions on where to put blocks.  The top is all done and a border added.

The second one is from a class I started a few years ago with Sue Garmen - it's her twirly balls block.  I decided to make mine from all different colors.  I'm working on the last block now but here are the other 8 blocks.
Still not sure how I'm going to set it.  I don't have a lot of the background fabric left and the other colors I just used fat quarters so there isn't a lot of any of those either.  It will come to me what to do.  These are all hand appliqued and they are blocks I work on during my lunch hour.

The third quilt is a Stack 'n Whack quilt.  My local friendship group has a challenge each year and this year was Stack 'n Whack.  This is what I was playing around with.

I've added a row since this picture was taken and i got rid of the striped side setting triangles.

This is more like what the final project will be except that I don't have enough of the border.  But thanks to my great internet search skills I was able to find 2 yards.  The border fabric is what I made my stack n whack blocks from (the circles).  I will have to make 4 corner circles too for the border.  I'm liking what is going on and it's giving me some nice areas to quilt.

I did make some more items for my guilds boutique.  We had a sew day at the local mall and had all these things cut out.  Didn't finish a lot at the sew day, but went home and finished the rest.
Microwave Bowl Cozies

Gift Bags.  
And then last month, this happened.

This little guy started Kindergarten.   (I blurred out teachers name).  He looks so grown up.

A girl I work with husband sent this to her to give to me.  I thought it was pretty funny and I plan to use it for many things in texts or emails.  :)

Don't know if this is an actual book.  There is an author called Barbara Holland but I couldn't find this book in her list of books she's written.

I have about six labels to make.  I really need to take a day out of sewing to set up my machine for embroidery.

I pinned 2 quilts yesterday (the triangle one and the one from the Fig Tree little green box-not pictured above) and I also cut some baby quilts for the boutique to take with me to the coast next weekend when I go on a 4 day retreat.  It will be a pretty small group of us girls again.  Should be fun.

Thanks for looking.


  1. You've been busy! Can't wait for retreat!!

  2. I like seeing your works in progress. thanks for sharing!!

  3. oh what a fun blog. I've got a friend in Madison...
    Such cute dogs... I just lost my 14 year old so I have to rely on the cuteness of other dogs til I heal. Cole was terrified of thunder and fireworks. We had to hold him, at 70 lbs! LeeAnna

  4. You have been busy! Have a great retreat! Sew much fun! :)

  5. Barb Holland is a character on a TV show called Stranger Things. She has a cult following.

  6. Barbara Holland is a character on a show called Stranger Things on Netflix. I have not watched it but did a little research. She seems to have a cult following...


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