Saturday, January 31, 2015

Road 2 California 2015

Two friends and I headed to Road to California last Wednesday.  It was supposed to be 4 altogether but one of my friends started a new job and didn't have enough vacation available to go.  (I know how's she's feeling now-more later.)  We made a few stops at quilt stores on our way down.  Candy's in Northridge, one in Montrose, another in Pasadena and there was one more and we happened to hit it on it's last day open.  There wasn't much there but what was there, was 40% off.  I took one class by Anita Shackelford on Coxcomb applique.  I learned a lot and she was patient with the couple of newbie appliquers in the class.  I never got a picture -but did start one block.  Will post when it gets finished.
I also took Tiffany Hayes (Needle in a Hayes Stack) Downton Abbey Mystery Class on Friday night.  It was fun - I got the fabric pack of  Lord Grantham and this is the finished quilt.  (Finished the binding this morning.)  And during the class she had drawings for some fabric packs.  And I won!  I got a fabric pack of the new Egyptian Downton Abbey Fabric.  It's so pretty.
And of course I did a lot of shopping.  I put it all away before I took any pictures but was able to get these out easily and get some pictures.
Easter Fabrics - so I can use when I get my Material Girls exchange blocks.

Text fabrics for a challenge I need to work on.

Some Pam Kitty /PK like fabrics for a couple of projects

There was more but it's all mixed in the stash now.  I also purchased a lot of thread.  About 6 big cones of Superior So Fine, 3 cones of Magnifico and some perle cotton threads for wool applique.

The day before I left for Road, the mall I work at foreclosed and the bank now owns the mall and they hired a new management company.  I was told to still go on my trip and that I would have a job when I got back.  It was still a little nerve wracking because of all the stuff that I needed to copy and save (which I did get a lot done in the half day I knew there was going to be a change, and luckily the old management company still let me have access to the accounting program on Monday.  But after that, it was all gone.  We're still in the transition period.  I don't have the new accounting systems/computer and we are all kind of in limbo and doing what we can do in the mean time.  As far as my vacations go, I have to accrue it again,which means I won't be able to take the week off of work to go to Sisters this July.  I'm hoping I'll have at least 2 days so I can drive up on the Thursday, and meet up with the others, and then book it home on Sunday.  According to Google, it should only take about 10.5 hours of driving.  If I can talk a friend into going with me, we can share the driving so it won't be so bad.

That's it for now.  I have one more quilt pinned and ready to go and a charity quilt for guild I need to whip up.  Then I need to work on getting my quilts ready for the Best of the Valley quilt show.  I have all the pictures ready, I just need to submit the paperwork.  And then I need to put labels, sleeves on and then block all of them.  Yikes.  

Thanks for looking.  Sorry I was so wordy.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Block of the Month Updates and a finish

The finish first.

Last October I took a class from our guild from Melinda Bula.  This was a bugger for me to quilt, but it's done.  Yeah!

I've been working on Fat Quarter Shops Designer mystery quilt for the last 8 months.  I got a little behind at the holidays and caught up this weekend.  Here are blocks 7 & 8.  (I am making 2 of each block so I'll end up with 2 quilts at the end of the year.)

Then they decided to have a free block of the month that has some adorable blocks and although I swore I wasn't going to do anymore block of the months, I couldn't resist this one. I have a ton of Pam Kitty Garden and Love fabrics that I'll use.
So last year I did the Pat Sloan block of the month and tried to resist this year but just couldn't.  So I went through all my fabrics and found this line that I am going to use for the BOM
And last year at the local quilt stores big quilt event, they had the Kimberbell sisters as guests and fell in love with their stuff.  And right after that, Shabby Fabrics announced their pillow of the month club so yep, signed up for that one too.
And of course our guild has a block of the month.  You make a block, turn it in and get a ticket and then they draw.  If your number comes up, then you get all the blocks.  I liked the focus fabric of this months so I thought I'd do it this month.

So that's what I've worked on this weekend.  (Well the Melinda Bula has been in my pile of quilts to be quilted since November.)

I also got my ironing board covered this weekend.  Finally.  The old cover was so brown and ugly.
Here it is with the new cover.  The fabric is some remnant fabric I bought so my sister-in-law could cover this wonderful little foot stool my dad made for me.
I've used it several times already.  Thanks dad and Marcy.

I do have to work this Monday (Martin Luther King birthday) and then on Tuesday but I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off so I can go to Road to California with my friends.  I am taking Anita Shackleford Coxcomb applique class and a Downton Abbey mystery class.  Can't wait.  Going to see some friends I haven't seen for a while too.

Thanks for looking.  Updated my to do list too.  It's long this time because I went through all my fabric packs and am listing them.  It was eye opening to see the list.  I even took pictures of all of the kits so I can have on my cell and won't buy more fabrics.  Ha!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 Quilt Year in Review

I had a pretty successful year with a lot (34) personal quilts (or crossstitch) done, 14 of which were on my resolution list of quilts I wanted to get done.  Not shown but also completed were some charity quilts for our guild that I machine quilted and bound for them.  I pick one up at meetings (since they have them pinned and ready to go) and I quilt one right before I start quilting another project as a warm up.

Here's my final 2014 Resolution list.  I donated one of the kits to guild as a prize for the Bingo game and I'm breaking down a kit that I got from a friend who passed and putting the fabrics into my stash.  Part of the fabric that was in it was decorator fabric and I just don't want to use it in a quilt.  But all the rest of the fabrics are great and I'm sure I'll find some other quilts to use the fabric in.  I'm going to go through my kits and packs again in a week or so and revise and update my list for 2015.  

And here are all the boutique items I made for the guild.  Probably about 70 items.

And the ornaments I made and received this year.

Check back in a week or so with my updated resolution list.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

One last 2014 Finish, a 2015 Finish and the Grand Illusion Mystery

As you know from my previous posts, I've been working on the Grand Illusion Mystery - Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame.  I didn't finish my top but I did get four blocks put together so I could see what it would look like.
So far the only think I have changed was using solid red squares instead the 4 patches and using black cornerstones in the sashing verses the aqua.  I will finish this sometime soon.  I have had several quilts pinned and ready to quilt that need to be finished first.

Here's the first one I finished - or last one in 2014.  It's leftover HST from another quilt that only the top is done, but the guild put a call out for charity quilts in Janaury so wanted to bring this one in.

Then while retreating with some friends over new year, I was able to focus on my machine quilting and got my Fall Block of the Month quilted.  All I have to do is hand sew down the binding (it's glued at the moment).  This picture does not do it justice.  And the picture is posting on it's side - don't know how to fix that.
Still have to work on my year-in-review.  But that will take while.  I'll get back to you on that as soon as I can.  And update my resolution list too.

Thanks for looking.