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2014 Quilt Year in Review

I had a pretty successful year with a lot (34) personal quilts (or crossstitch) done, 14 of which were on my resolution list of quilts I wanted to get done.  Not shown but also completed were some charity quilts for our guild that I machine quilted and bound for them.  I pick one up at meetings (since they have them pinned and ready to go) and I quilt one right before I start quilting another project as a warm up.

Here's my final 2014 Resolution list.  I donated one of the kits to guild as a prize for the Bingo game and I'm breaking down a kit that I got from a friend who passed and putting the fabrics into my stash.  Part of the fabric that was in it was decorator fabric and I just don't want to use it in a quilt.  But all the rest of the fabrics are great and I'm sure I'll find some other quilts to use the fabric in.  I'm going to go through my kits and packs again in a week or so and revise and update my list for 2015.  

And here are all the boutique items I made for the guild.  Probably about 70 items.

And the ornaments I made and received this year.

Check back in a week or so with my updated resolution list.

Thanks for looking.


  1. You have already put some major miles on that new sewing machine of yours. I am impressed!!!!

  2. WOW! I need larger photos of some of the items. I don't remember seeing them - are they on your blog somewhere during the year?
    Congratulations on a great year. AND you've already started on your 2015 completion list.

  3. I always enjoy seeing all of the quilts you make!

  4. I am amazed at what you got done! Not only quantity, but beautiful items. I am doubly amazed at the fact that you not only finished Tilly's treasure and Celtic Solstice (and the million pieces that comprise them) but that you made an extra CS to gift to the guild. I was congratulating myself for finishing clue#3 of CS as a leader and ender project and I am taking Tillie back to retreat this month to work on-yikes! Lovely things-a year of which to be very proud.

  5. You are one busy woman! You go girl! You're setting the pace for the rest of us, who are huffing and puffing to stay in the race! :) woohoo!!!

  6. You have really been a bust quilter, love them all! Following your blog on gfc

  7. This post was a veritable feast for the eyes. I love your "git 'er done" approach. You are a master sewist. I'm in awe.


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