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A finish and some more boutique items

I had a challenge with a friend to finish two quilts by the end of August.  I got them both pinned and one done but not bound until September 1st.  Here it is.  It's from a kit I got from Fig Tree Quilts.  It's not all Fig Tree fabrics though.  She had a mix of  all different lines of fabrics.

And after I finished that my goal was to make more boutique items.  Here are some more items I've made.

These little bags are great to give as gifts with a gift card and some candy.  I want to make some Valentine's bags too.

 Bowl cozies.  Put your bowl in, microwave and take out without burning your fingers.  

 Cord tacos.  I need to make more.  My sisters said these would make great stocking stuffers, wink wink.
 The town of Hanford where the boutique is held has an annual Witches Night Out and they are always looking for decorated hats.  So the guild got together and made a bunch to sell.  I'd love to say I made this one, but I did start it and a very good florist lady from our guild 'fixed it up a bit'.  

I also got a few of my block of the months done but I will wait for them all to be done for this month before posting those.  

Thanks for looking.  I have a few more little things to make.  (What's new right?)


  1. Congratulations on finishing the quilt. It looks great.

    wonderful boutique items.

  2. wow. SO busy! I love the cord tacos. I'm hoping to actually make it to the boutique this year. Goals are good! :)


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