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Material Girls Spring 2015 Lunch-Block Exchange

Every year my friendship group Material Girls decide on a challenge.  This years the challenge was to make each of us a signature block-one in a theme or style that we want.  Then by our Holiday party in December we need to have the blocks put together in a top.  Here are the blocks I received.
I love all of them.  The challenge will be to put them together in a top that will be beautiful.  I love a good challenge.

Here are the blocks that I made for everyone.
I liked making all of them but the crazy quilt blocks.  I left a lot of seams for those people who get them.  :0   The Sun Bonnet Sue and turkey blocks were not really exchanged.  I had made all the blocks and then those two ladies had to back out.

Here are the blocks that my friends all got from everyone.

This block should have been where the red/white block on the top right is.  That start block goes with the bunch below.

We all have our hands full and it will be interesting to see how we do.  I'll show you the results in December!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It will be fun to see what everyone puts together.


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