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A ton of finishes

Kind of only 2.  You'll see in a minute.  I was busy the last few weeks with guild business and then I had three of my quilts and a guild charity quilt to finish.  First my quilts.  Remember in December when I started the Bonnie Hunter Mystery this year?  This is the last time I posted about them.  I wasn't thrilled with the green sashing.  I saw on Facebook where someone took all those sashing pieces and made a separate quilt.  I liked what I saw so I went ahead and did that.  But here's what I did with the other blocks.  I didn't use any sashing.  Just the blocks and I did use the border pieces.  I just quilted an all over stipple and got it done.  Pretty bright and outside of my 'wheel house' let's say.  But I'll put it to good use somewhere.  
 And just in time for St. Patrick's Day, I finished this little lap quilt with the sashing strips.  Just stitched in the ditch and a feather in the border.
But my favorite of the quilts I finished was this Wheel quilt.  It was a pattern I got from Joanna Figueroa (of Fig Tree & Co) Craftsy class.  I used Me and My Sisters LOL fabrics and a white from Blank Fabrics.  (I want to buy a bolt of that white.  It is so pretty.)  Anyway if you want to take a good Craftsy class, that is another one I would recommend.

 I did a lot of marking and specialty quilting.  Tried some new design in the sashing.  Thank goodness for the Frixion pens.  I love those things.

And another little St. Patrick's Day little quilt finished.  I got this kit 2 years ago while at a retreat.

And for my art quilt group, I had to create a quilt inspired by the Impression artist.  

Not quite finished.  I'm going to do a small turquoise piping and brown binding.  It's a mini version of a Laundry Basket pattern. 

And for my guild, I pinned and quilted this little quilt for their charity.

Our guild had Pat Speth, the Nickel Quilt lady, as a speaker and workshop at the beginning of the month.  I started a red-white-blue quilt and hope to finish it soon.  I have a few other things that I need to get finished first.  (That would be all my block of the months.)

And since I like to end on a cute note, look at this little guy.  He's a catcher like his pro baseball player uncle John.
He said that was the best part of the day.

Thanks for looking.


  1. good job on all the quilts. I'd like to see the Grand Illusion before and after posted side by side to better see your changes.
    Great ending to your post. A cute potential pro player. Power to the catchers!!

  2. Oh my so much quilty goodness in one post! Barbara I like your solution to reworking the Mystery quilt a lot.
    Love your Wheel quilt - the design, the wonderful fabrics you chose and your quilting all are terrific!
    It's really cool how you miniaturized the Edyta pattern!
    Your guild is a bunch of lucky ducks having Pat Speth come! I love her book Nickel Quilts and hope to make one someday!
    Your little guy makes an adorable catcher!

  3. A ton of finishes is right. Wow, wow and wow. Love them all. I don't know exactly why but the green sashing turned into a quilt is really appealing to me. And that Wheel quilt is just gorgeous. Great job and congrats.

  4. Wow, wow, wow and WOW!! I think your version of the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt look fantastic. And I love your Fig Tree class quilt, too. What is so special about that particular white that you love it so much? I need to sneak a bolt of white up to my studio next time my husband isn't looking, too. I have a bolt of Kona Snow because I'm using that on two different quilts right now and was afraid I'd run out and then get the wrong shade of white as replacement. One more question for you, since you said you did a "ton" of marking for custom quilting. What's the best way to mark a simple design on BLUE fabric? I used Don Linn's method where you trace your design onto hooped bridal tulle mesh with a Sharpie, then you position it over your quilt and trace over with the washaway blue marker. That worked great on the yellow-green squares, but now I need to mark the same motif on some royal blue squares and the blue marker won't show at all. Can't use any of my chalk pencils because they won't glide over the bumpy tulle fabric and mark cleanly through the mesh. It's just a simple squiggly star but I want the ones on the blue squares to look like the ones on the light green squares that I already quilted. Any ideas appreciated!

  5. Love your quilts Barb. The Bonnie Hunter turned out great, and I love the green sashing quilt. Nothing goes to waste 😀

  6. I love it all Barb. I'm inspired to blog again. Soon I hope.

  7. Barbara, after seeing these quilts I am left speechless. You are a true artist..........Diana


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