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Bonnie's Hunters Mystery Clue 1, a Christmas Quilt and BOM

Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery started this week (Here's a link to her website and the mystery.) and I was able to spend all day yesterday working on my blocks since I got all my Christmas decorations up on Friday.  I only made one change on her colors this year.  I am using red instead of pink because I had a lot of red left over from my Farmer's Wife quilt. 

 I quilted my granddaughter's Christmas quilt very simply with straight lines and just outlined the letters and the deer.

 But decided to add a few snowflakes in the big blank space using aqua colored thread.

I also snuck in making the Fat Quarter Shops 2014 Designer Mystery Block of the Month.

I was also able to finish the top of a quilt I started on my retreat a few weeks ago.  (The big blocks on the bottom and right side.)  I made 8 more blocks and put them all together and added a small white border.  And with some pieces that I had to cut off making these blocks I made 64 3.5" HST and am making a small little baby quilt with those.

I have 3 quilts pinned and ready to quilt.  I've been drawing and testing designs on my ipad Adobe app.  Not happy with anything so far.  The fall quilt BOM top I'll just do each block differently trying to use a fall motif somehow and feathers.  I just need to set up my sewing room for machine quilting big quilts.  

But today, my friend Adena and I went to see the Nutcracker.  I had no idea what the story was.  I know the music but I never knew the whole story.  I loved it.  Then she and I went to a nice restaurant for a steak dinner and now I'm home relaxing.  Tuesday I go see the Beauty and the Beast musical at the Saroyan Theater.  This weekend I head north to visit my dad, and my sibling who are all gathering for my dad's 80th birthday.  Can't wait.  Taking 2 more days off work!  

Thanks for looking.


  1. You're off and running with the Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I already like your colors.
    Santa's Dear turned out really cute.

  2. Your Grand Illusion quilt will be very striking. Great choices! Cute reindeer quilt.
    Lisa in MN

  3. Love the red in your mystery quilt blocks.

    The "little deer" quilt is just too cute!

  4. Great job Barb, way to go using your scraps for a baby quilt! I need to take a page from your book! 😊

  5. I really like you red, it will make this quilt beautiful.

  6. Sounds like you are enjoying all kinds of wonderful arts and culture in your life. Enjoy!

  7. I love watching the mysteries unfold under your needle. I've only tried one, and I was severely disappointed with the end product. I will continue to admire from afar. Thanks for feeding my inspiration!


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