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Block of the Month Queen

Don't know why I do this to myself but I am currently working on 4 block of the month programs and one block of the year program (and still working on Celtic Soltice Mystery).  First BOM I've been participating in is Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Block of the month program using Fig Tree Avalon fabrics.  Here's the latest block #7.
The next one I'm doing is a fall one with some friends.  We are using the Shabby Quilts pattern from their Christmas BOM that I finished last year.  And instead of the poinsettia's in the middle we each got the new cornucopia pattern that they are selling.  They also have it all as a BOM on their site, but since most of us had the blocks all we needed was the center and we all had our own fall fabrics to use so we decided to do our own.  Should be fun to see how different they will all look.  Here are the 1st 2 blocks.  (We plan on doing 2 blocks a month so we can have it done by fall. Mine will be a little more scrappy - will use the same background fabric in them all.

Then a friend on Facebook (Marianne Sonneman -Hansen who I also went to High School with) and another local friend (thanks Karen O'Connor) got me on Pat Sloans Globetrotting block of the month.  Figured I had some fabric around here I could use so pulled some red/white/blue fabrics and made the big center block - Washington DC.  
The final BOM is the Farmer's Wife.  I'm about 2 months behind again.  I have my all night sew tomorrow night so I hope to get some blocks at least cut out and kitted so I can whip them up after work during the week.  

Also have my applique block of the year.  Haven't touched it in months.  

I also have some Christmas quilt blocks done and already laid out-they just need to put together.  It won't have a border so once that's done I can pin and quilt that.  I'll do that tomorrow night first before I work on Farmers Wife blocks.

Still plugging away at the Celtic Solstice Mystery.  I have all my block A's together and 2 of the 3 rows of B blocks together.  They are horribly pieced and I dread showing this to the long arm quilter I'm bringing it to.  

Today would have been my mother's 76th birthday.  I was a teary this morning and then my sister said my dad bought some roses and tulip in her honor today which made me cry.  And she said he was crying when she was on the phone with him.  I called him on my lunch (because I knew I would cry and would need time to get myself together) but he wasn't home.  Can we consider her new birthday as October 6th since that's when she started her new life in heaven with Jesus?  

Thanks for looking.    


  1. Dear Barb, My mom left to be with Jesus in 2000. She was 74. She was my only parent and I her only child. I think about her all the time but it doesn't make me cry anymore. It will get better. I celebrate her resurrection day as my remembrance to her. You are one busy lady-and doing really pretty blocks! I had to "kit" BH Celtic Mystery for next year-I love it but we are moving sometime this year and I need to finish UFOs. Have a blessed day

  2. I miss my Mom at odd moments even 10 years later.
    Nice progress on the blocks. I'm working tonight even though my Friday night sew will be long distance.

  3. I miss my Mom at odd moments even now. It will be 11 years Jan. 23.

    Nice progress on the blocks. I'm working on mine tonight. I'll have a Friday night sew from long distance.

  4. Love all the blocks of the months - you are a Master Goal Setter!!

    My mom's been gone 13 years. I get emotional at Mother's Day (last time I saw her), and it lasts through her birthday. Hers was 6/11, mine is 6/1, and she left us on 5/31. Each year I have a month of memories, though there are not as many tears now as when it was fresh and painful. Celebrate both days - you're not likely to forget either one. :)

  5. Bless your heart. I have intentionally taken to not remembering the exact dates that loved ones pass away. Sometimes that is just not possible. Just know that she is just as close to you now as she was in her mortal life--if not closer. She is just in a different form. Our loved ones never truly leave us.

  6. Tears are helpful in the grieving process, I still cry and grieve after 32 years...I am so thankful for my friends and quilting. It is so therapeutic, you are an awesome friend and quilter.

  7. Hey Barbara! I hope you are having fun at your sew night and getting things done. I love you DC block and am glad you're joining in on yet another BOM. ;-) I'm a glutton for punishment, I mean BOM's too and am doing four, I think.
    You're in my thoughts as you continue to adjust to the loss of your mom. XOXO-Lady K

  8. You go ahead and cry and remember your Mom. There would be something wrong if you didn't.

    I love your Blocks. Barb, you are talented lady. I admire you so much.

  9. Think your mom might be chuckling at you for staying beyond busy with so many projects? I find it's the only way to stay sane while grieving. You go, girl!


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