Friday, August 30, 2013

Farmer's Wife Blocks 19-27

Finally finished  I had two more to complete by the end of the month.  I did it.  I also finished the Fat Quarter Shops Block of the Month block.  Here are the 9 blocks.

And here they are 'in' the quilt.  
They are not perfect.  But they are done.

I'm heading to Ripon again for the afternoon tomorrow.  My Uncle George and Aunt Sue and cousin Laura are coming to visit my mom and I want to see them too so I hope to get there about when they get there, and come home after dinner.

I have completed the top of the little girl baby quilt and just need to pin and quilt it.  It shouldn't take long since I will probably only do strait stitching.  Just need clean floors to pin it so it won't be done until Sunday afternoon.  :)

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Christmas Quilt, Cute Little Girls and Aging

This is a Shabby Fabrics block of the month program except me and two other friends bought the entire kit at one time. We made two blocks each month. I turned the center using Ricky Tim's fusible and I turned using glue. Finished the bead/button work tonight and I can cross this one of my list. I love this quilt. I love the fabrics and the pattern and we are contemplating their new fall block of the month. I quilted each block differently and put some holly leaves in the sashing and feathers in the border but added some holly leaf shapes in the place of some of the feathers. (I can't get a good shot of the quilting.)

Now on to cute girls. First...

Such a happy pretty little girl. My step-daughter sent this to me just when I needed to smile.

And this weekend I went up north to visit my folks. More of that later. But my aunts were staying at my folks so I stayed at the Hello Kitty Tweety Bird Inn (aka my brothers house). My niece made it like a hotel for me. I was supposed to get a massage and a mint on my pillow each night. As payment I gave her some Hello Kitty headsets. Since Claire loves to play with my phone and iPad I usually find all kinds of fun pictures. Like these...

She always has fun playing with filters and apps.

This is a picture of my mom and her two sisters--sometimes called the Golden Girls.

They (Aunt Betty on the left and Aunt Grace on the right) came to town from Washington to visit and spend time with my mom. (She's the one in the middle). Her health has been declining these last couple of months so they came to cook some meals and give my dad a break. My mom really loved having them there but she told me she felt bad that she slept a lot. We also made a decision this weekend to put my mom in a rest home. Maybe for just a little while. I hope she'll be able to get some strength back. She is so weak she couldn't walk to the bathroom from her recliner without having to stop to rest a few times. She's also fallen and its harder and harder for my dad to get her up, especially without hurting her and worse without hurting himself. The last couple of days have been full of emotions and tears. It's going to be quite an adjustment for both of my parents. My heart aches for both.

Thanks for looking. My next project is another baby quilt and I have to get my stuff ready for the Cindy Needham retreat I'm going to in a few weeks.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two Finishes This Week

Yea!!! The first one finished was this little baby boy quilt. The top has been done for a while, I was just waiting for the baby to be born so I can embroider his name and birthdate on the top.
It is for one of the guys I work with. He and his wife just had their first baby.
This next one started with two charm packs and a free pattern from Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts and then I added a border from Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins Aunt Millie's Garden pattern.

Would love to say it was all hand appliqu├ęd but I used Ricky Tim's washable stabilizer and turned using school glue stick and then hem stitched it all down. I think it's quite cute.
I have a list of things I want to get done for August and this was one of eight items on the list. I did cut all the pieces for the next Farmers Wife quilt blocks which I'll sew together at Party Party Party at Thimble Towne on Friday. That isn't even on my list. Tonight I'm working on getting the top finished and the back ready for the Shabby Fabrics Christmas Poinsettias de Noel BOM.
Thanks for looking. I have a lot to do!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Something for my Little Sweetie

I made this little outfit for Dylan. Kelly sent me the link to the pattern and I happened to have this fabric and thought it would be so cute. I actually used my serger (which hasn't seen the light of day for almost 3 years) and my buttonhole foot on my machine (after watching a video on how to use it).

Last weekend I went up north to stay at my folks since I hadn't been there for a month or so. My mom is not doing great and that is a whole blog entry in itself. But it's actually her story and not mine. All I can say is that I am praying for her comfort and that she will get her appetite and energy back.

I did take a little side trip to visit my step-daughter and my grand kids. Look how much little Dylan is growing and she is such a happy little girl. And she is going to be a little ginger headed girl. :)

And Jack is still a hoot. He is very creative and pretty smart if I do say so myself. I still needed help sometimes from Kelly on translating what he is saying. But we had a great time playing together.

Such fun.

I had the flue yesterday so stayed home from work. So luckily I had designed a bunch of labels a few weeks ago so I sat by my machine, changed threads, took naps, and changed thread etc. felt much better today. I probably got the bug from my drs. Office. I had to go in for a meeting with the doc on my tests I took a few months ago. Nothing terribly exciting. Of course I need to continue to lose weight and exercise. I do have some symptoms of peri menopause which I already knew.

Thanks for looking.