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A Little Something for my Little Sweetie

I made this little outfit for Dylan. Kelly sent me the link to the pattern and I happened to have this fabric and thought it would be so cute. I actually used my serger (which hasn't seen the light of day for almost 3 years) and my buttonhole foot on my machine (after watching a video on how to use it).

Last weekend I went up north to stay at my folks since I hadn't been there for a month or so. My mom is not doing great and that is a whole blog entry in itself. But it's actually her story and not mine. All I can say is that I am praying for her comfort and that she will get her appetite and energy back.

I did take a little side trip to visit my step-daughter and my grand kids. Look how much little Dylan is growing and she is such a happy little girl. And she is going to be a little ginger headed girl. :)

And Jack is still a hoot. He is very creative and pretty smart if I do say so myself. I still needed help sometimes from Kelly on translating what he is saying. But we had a great time playing together.

Such fun.

I had the flue yesterday so stayed home from work. So luckily I had designed a bunch of labels a few weeks ago so I sat by my machine, changed threads, took naps, and changed thread etc. felt much better today. I probably got the bug from my drs. Office. I had to go in for a meeting with the doc on my tests I took a few months ago. Nothing terribly exciting. Of course I need to continue to lose weight and exercise. I do have some symptoms of peri menopause which I already knew.

Thanks for looking.



  1. What a cutie...and love your quilts too.

  2. ADORABLE!!!!!! Lucky, lucky baby!

  3. Darling dress and beautiful grands-aren't they fun. I get to see mine in 2 weeks!

  4. The dress is so cute Barb! Love making little girl things:)

  5. Love the pictures with the kiddos! Makes me want to hop in the car and drive to the Bay. :) Aren't they wonderful? :)


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