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The View from a 1 1/2 Year Old Boy

I got to see my grandson this weekend and being the great Oma that I am, I let him play with my camera.  These are some of the pictures he took (with a little help from me).
Mom, GG and Gpa

Brother Beast looking at mom in the backyard.

Oma and me - I was crying so she let me play with her camera.

Another Beast picture

My chubby little foot.
He's a great little boy and so funny.  He and I were playing in the backyard and he stuck a handful of dirt in him mouth and I ran to him and washed his face off with my hand (and by this time he was trying to spit it out) and he also just thought it was hilarious - I was trying to tell him it was yucky and he kept giggling.  Then he'd do it again and laugh.  After the third time, we came inside.  He's pretty much potty trained during the day Kelly said but that doesn't mean he always makes it into the toilet.  Let's just say they need a little cup guard on his little toilet seat.  He's a happy little boy - but only when he can see him mom or dad in the room.  When Kelly went outside to put his blow up slide away (it started to rain) he sat at the back door with his brother Beast and cried --fake tear crying-- until I finally let him play with my camera.

Did not get a good picture of me and him this time.  But I did get this - look at those blue eyes.

Fake tears

He can comfort himself with the thumb in in mouth and then he plays with his belly button.
Obviously not much sewing on Sunday.  Saturday was a day of getting ready for my trunk show in Nipomo this week (Thursday) and getting ready for the retreat and doing a lot of laundry.  I had 2 very sick dogs this past week too.  We believe they had tainted dog food from Costco.  It had to be the weight control food because Guy didn't get sick--he eats the regular dry food.  Anyway, there was anal leakage EVERYWHERE AND ON EVERYTHING.   Poor babies - we took them to the vet and are they are on medicine, on a white diet (boiled chicken and rice) and are feeling much better.

Wish I had a quilt picture to share, but not today.  I did start quilting my project from the Road 2 California class during the free minutes I had this weekend and since I'm making it into a pillow - it won't take me long to finish.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the baby blue eyes!!! And the chubby foot. :) Glad you had a great time. Have fun in Nipomo!!

  2. Very cute! Love the belly button trick!


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