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Erin Go Bragh

I had a picture of a table runner that I found on the web years ago using this 3 corner snowball block to make a clover block.  This is a "test" version of the picture -it didn't have instructions.  I think I will need to make a few for guild gifts but I think I'll make them smaller.  Super easy to make though.  And I cheated and machined stitched the binding down - looks horrible but for what I need it for, it will work.  It now has a home at the end of my counter.
So another finished quilt, but unfortunately it isn't on my resolution list either.  On the positive side, the latest scrap therapy quilt (that is on the resolution list) is pinned and ready to be quilted.  However, I have my Loose Threads Art friendship group project I need to work on.  I'm stumped so I have to stare at it longer to see if I get inspired.  Maybe I'll just start cutting.  We're playing with panels - we have to "maintain unity using panels".  Okay????!!!!    Back to work!


  1. I'm impressed as it's a "test" version! Looks great! Thanks for stopping by our blog!!


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