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Visitors, Crafts, Machine Embroidery and Cross Stitch

 And as far as quilting, I have about 5 tops done and working on another but I am going through physical therapy on my shoulder so I haven't been able to get on the ground to pin them to finish them.  Soon I hope.   But first....I've had visitors and I took a little trip myself.   I went to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to visit my friend Beth and there was the 2022 Dallas Quilt Show that we went to.   It was a great show with lots of quilts and of course some vendors.  My friend Vicki also met us there so I got to see her.  Had a great time visiting and catching up with Beth and her husband.   Then the day after I got home from there, my friend Kathy M and her hubby (From California) were in Texas visiting his family so they came for a short visit.  I took them to Gruene Hall where they got to dance and of course took them to the Gristmill for dinner and Antler Cafe for lunch before they left. Are they not the cutest.   Then my friend Janice came for a week and we kept very busy
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A Quilt Finish or three and some cross stitch finishes.

 I'm back in a sewing room.  It's not quite done yet, but it's usable to sew.  The other stuff that needs to get done takes time (my nephew is installing shelves in my closets and I still have to paint them).  I will post pictures once that all gets done and everything is put in its place. But I have three quilt finishes to show.  The first is a baby quilt I made for a co-worker (soon to be ex-coworker as my tenure with the company is almost done.)   Memphis Jo Rose- she will be born sometime in 2022.  Her bedroom theme is rustic rainbow.  Used polyester batting for the fluffy look but also used Minkee Cuddle on the back. This quilt is from the McCall's 2009 magazine and the pattern is called Celebrer!  It uses a lot of the heavier woven stripes from the French General Rouenneries collection which I will never use in a quilt again.  Too heavy - made the seams and machine quilting a little difficult.  I also used French General's Panier de Fleurs fabric.  I have had

I'm a Texan now! And a Cross Stitch WIP Parade

 Early December, three girlfriends and I and my two puppies headed East to my new home in Texas.  It was an adventure for sure considering my dogs never took more than a ride to the vets office and once we got here I had them go with us everywhere--to restaurants and walking in touristy towns.  They did considerable well I'm happy to say.   Deo, the dogs and I in one car Rita and her friend Melissa drove the U-haul. Hurley liked to look out the window - and fell asleep. Once the movers got here we unloaded everything and then we would unpack some boxes in the morning and then we'd go explore the area in the afternoon. Here are some pictures of my house. Guest Room ( all ready for friends) Office/Guest Room My room This is where my dining room table will be.   Right now I am waiting for the flooring people to get back to me with a date they will install this laminate floor into the front bedroom which will be my sewing room.  Once that is done that cabinet in the above picture a