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Postcards and Puppies

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with just my in-laws, got my house decorated for the holidays, and started working on some Christmas gifts (which of course I can't show).  I can show these postcards for the guild show and tell.  Sorry about the photo - taken with cell phone - don't know why it's sideways.  Anyway I quilted with metallic thread on velvet and used crystals to decorate.  I'll try to take better photos with real camera.

So on to the puppy part, my husband told me this morning he was going to the local flea market to go look for a bike (he plays with them, puts engines on them, etc.) but instead of coming home with a bike he came home with this little girl.

Here she is snuggled inside my sweatshirt.  We won't be able to keep her but my husband just couldn't leave her running around the flea market.  Looks like she was dumped there.  He walked around the whole place hoping someone would claim her.  He said he saw 2 little girls holding 2 other puppi…

I've Been Busy

See last post for how this obsession started.  They are so pretty. 

I have been having some I-tunes problems tonight and spent way too much time reloading, finding and crap.  For some reason it just said when I tried to open Itunes "Ituneslibrary.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes"  Of course all the googling just confused me.  Sometimes these things just get me riled up.  I got Itunes reloaded and now it's saying my iphone is not being recognized with that itunes so I'm afraid to sync my ipod. 

So I will leave this be and enjoy my 4 day weekend.  Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I plan on sewing on Thursday, decorating my house for Christmas on Friday and sewing some more on Saturday and Sunday.  Since I work for a shopping center, black friday shopping at a mall is the last place I want to be.

Thanks for looking.

Christsmas Gift Idea, Art Group Quilts and of course, Jack

First off, my older sister Brenda was in town (well my parents town) so I went up north to spend some time with her.  As usual, she had a great gift idea for friends at Christmas.  Well, not all my friends, the ones who will probably get them already saw mine and oohed and aahhed and kind of hinted they would make a great Christmas gift.  So this year, they all get one.  The other friendship group is getting something else that my older sister is making for me.  Anyway, here is what she showed us this weekend.  She found a tutorial on and her and a friend perfected it and shared it with my sis-in-law, mom and I.
They aren't that hard to make and are so pretty.  She made the black one and gave it to me for my birthday and together we all made a silver one.  So today I was already at Hancocks Fabrics to buy some synthetic fabrics to make more.  Black, gold, silver and white. 

While she was here we took a little trip further north to visit my step-daughter Kelly an…

How to Improve an Already Completed Quilt (and I turned 50)

First off, I finished this quilt a few months ago for my grandson.  This picture shows it unfinished, but he got it finished before he was born. 

But there was something missing and I just couldn't put my finger on it. 

And then I got this picture and realized that it needed this to improve the quilt. 
Kelly said Jack loves his quilt.

And last Saturday I had my 50th birthday and had a party at my house.  I had a great time and was so happy so many of my family and friends could join me in celebrating this milestone.  I have a good life and am very thankful for all I have.  My youngest sister couldn't be there but she sent this box of 50 leaf items.  Since I was "leaf"ing my 40's behind.  

It was like a treasure chest full of leaf goodness.  (leaf cookies she bought and she made some too, a cookie cutter, a frame, a magnet, a necklace and earrings, chocolate bar shaped like a leave, a notebook, kitchen towels, a candle holder and candle, all individually wrapped in…